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Medical/Legal Disclaimer


Okay, let’s get one thing straight before we start. It’s important that you understand that I’m not a doctor, nurse or health care provider of any kind (except to my family). I’m not a dietitian (yet), although I am a nutritionist. I’m not a professional cook, pastry chef or any other kind of chef for that matter as I usually end up burning most everything anyway. (Mark says I use the smoke detector in our home as my oven timer.)
What am I? I’m a Christian. I’m in the middle: middle child, middle-aged, middle-income. I married the most gentle, kind, loving, supportive, and handsome man in the world in 1984 and lost him to type 1 diabetes Christmas Eve of 2016. I’m the proud mother of five (and an amazing son-in-law) and newly grandmother to Evie! I’m an aunt, sister, daughter and granddaughter turned businesswoman. I’m a former obese woman who fought and won a twenty-year battle with obesity. I will only watch movies with happy endings and I find great joy in helping and motivating others in the fight against fat.
So the bottom line is this: Please be sure to consult your doctor before beginning any weight loss program as we only want what’s best for your specific needs. Kim is willing to consult with any member's health care professional to determine an Options® CODE that's best suited for specific health issues..