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Ready to lose weight? You've come to the right place ...



    Here we understand that this is not really a physical problem; it just looks like it is. But if we were only eating for physical hunger, we would stop when we felt satisfied.

    There is deeper, stronger hunger that drives us. To lose permanent weight, we have to learn how to make the pain go away.

    So this isn't just a diet; it's a mindset ...



    If you hate the internal war that comes from desperately wanting two opposing things (eating whatever vs living at a healthy weight) ...

    WE GET IT.

    If you are frustrated, sick and tired, inside and out ...


    If you have 'tried it all before'  and are ready to give up ...


    Now, you've got Options® ...



    Most diet plans recommend eating well-rounded, but what you actually count is not food-group specific. You can stay 'on program' and still overdose on carbs, or cut carbs completely.

    Not with Options®. 

    With Options®, members get a specific Code that tells them where to spend their calories. When your carbs are gone, they're gone (and that's not a bad thing).

    You easily create registered-dietitian-perfect meal plans using your favorite recipes ... or ours. Dine out. Cook at home. However you want it to work, works! (as long as it's in line with your Code, of course)

    Sounds great, but what about sticking to it?



    Need help staying motivated? We all do!

    Come to our daily LIVE MEETINGS — in person if you're close enough — or online, where you can actually particpate. Ask questions, share successes, chat with other members. Get as involved as you want or just listen, if that's more your style.

    And, you get as much personal coaching and tech support as you need -- all included.

    In between meetings, our site is extremely active with amazing members and staff who spur each other on in our message boards and Journey Pages. There's always someone to help you plan meals or field questions all the way to goal ... and beyond!


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