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    In 2001, after successfully following a popular weight loss program for several months, Kim was once again struggling. She felt frustrated and hopeless. Like many, she loved carbs and often ignored the 'healthy eating guidelines' written in her manual. 

    But this time, instead of giving up, she decided to do things differently.

    She kept going to her support meetings, but started counting food groups instead. She planned her daily meals according to the USDA Food Pyramid guidelines (now the Food Plate). It was calorically accurate and made eating well-rounded simple.

    Today, what Kim wrote for herself, has evolved into a weight loss program that has helped thousands.

    Introducing ... Options®.



    Following Options® helps you lose weight faster and more efficiently because the nutrition is built in to what you are counting. Members are given a basic Options® Code telling them how many servings of each of the six food groups they should eat in order to safely lose weight.

    Because it's based on food groups, not just calories, balanced eating is automatic. (When your carbs are gone, they're gone — and that's not a bad thing.)

    Standard Codes can be tweaked for individual nutritional needs such as diabetes and pre-diabetes and those who desire more protein and fewer carbs.

    It's individualized. Healthy. Effective. Simple.




    Besides the six main food groups, the Options® program also includes a Calorie Bank that can be used toward any food of the member's choosing. This makes the program flexible and fun. Calories can also be earned through exercise OR  by eating less on some days and banked for days when more calories are wanted.

    Options® helps you get to goal faster is because it is much more accurate than other programs. There are no "free foods." Let's face it, no food is actually calorie free, and the bottom line for weight loss is always, always, always calories. Too many free foods can slow down progress and leave you feeling discouraged.

    The fact is, most people aren't slow losers, they're just sloppy dieters.



    Filling out the daily Options® meal plan online gives members with no nutritional knowledge the ability to create a registered-dietitian-perfect meal plan in minutes with their favorite foods!

    Once several meal plans are created, our members have a foundation for healthy, satisfying living that can be merged with any busy lifestyle.

    And because Options® is patterned after the USDA Food Plate, it is perfect for everyone in the family — even kids, reinforcing what they learn in school without giving them a 'diet' mentality.



    Options® helps with 'head hunger' as well as physical hunger. PREplanning and eating well-rounded reduces cravings and the temptation to go "off" program.

    PREplanning is a must on Options®. That's the secret to losing weight healthily, quickly, and permanently.

    No matter how many diet programs you've tried before. No matter how long you may have struggled with your weight, you CAN get to goal and stay there.

    If you've got fat ... get Options®.

    What have you got to lose? (except weight)


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