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weight loss motivation, tools, and support  


A new location

to offer you more ...


... more support

... more prepared food

... more convenience

... and a new healthy Café!



Come visit us at Kim's Light Food and Weight Loss — a place where you can try a new recipe, pick up a meal, and regain your motivated to get to a healthy weight and stay there

Whether you belong to a different weight loss program and want a spot to eat delicious large portions of healthy food for fewer calories; or, if you're looking for a weight loss program to follow, you need to plan a visit to our new Center!

For more information about our weight loss program CLICK HERE.

(We are next to Hutington Package Store — don't look for our sign as it won't be up again until the back of the building is redone later this summer.)

Oh, and YES, Zumba will be coming back along with Pilates and Yoga!

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