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IT'S ON ... Kim's DietBet!

Put your money where your fat is!

Kim is partnering with DietBet to give YOU  a super goal-setting tool. You'll get extra motivation and FUN as you lose weight.
DietBet works by forcing you to make a concrete commitment.

CLICK HERE to sign up for Kim's DietBet Game.

You'll pay $35 to enter and if you lose 4% of your body weight in four weeks you get your money back ... and split the
remainder of the pot 
with everyone else who reached their 4% goal! Everyone weighs in once in the beginning and
once at the end and records their weights on the DietBet site. They will explain how they keep things fair and honest. 

You're only competing with yourself. 

There is NO 1st place, 2nd place, etc. winner. EVERYONE wins who reaches their 4% goal! 

Who can join?

This is NOT just for our members! We want as many to join as we can to build our pot and share the fun. 

So share the link and share the mojo!


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