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Here's what's cookin' in Kim's kitchen this week ...
  •   Apple Caramel Pizza
    Apple Caramel Pizza
    This looks sinful, but it's a little slice of heaven. A crumb toppoing piled on top of cinnamon sugared apples and drizzled with home-made buttery caramel sauce....
  •   Light Caramel Sauce
    Light Caramel Sauce
    Use as a fruit dip. Jazz up your ice cream or yogurt. Drizzle on pancakes and waffles. This buttery caramel sauce rocks!
  •   Baked-in-an-Apple Pie
    Baked-in-an-Apple Pie
    These little treats are so darned cute! The fact that they are individual servings makes them easy to control and they have fewer calroies than a slice of apple pie....
  •   Coconut Cream Pie
    Coconut Cream Pie
    A slice of coconut pie for less than 100 calories! And so delicious!
  •   Pumpkin Pinwheels
    Pumpkin Pinwheels
    Simple gourmet and quite amazingly delicious. This recipe Kim demos often on tv during fall and winter. 
  •   Pumpkin Coffee Cake
    Pumpkin Coffee Cake
    Get ready for company. This mouthwatering pumpkin streusel coffee cake will be the hit with family and friends.
  •   No Guilt Gravy
    No Guilt Gravy
    Kim was always the gravy maker for the family. The first holiday after starting her "last diet program" Kim decided to lighten the gravy recipe and came up with this No Guilt Gravy. An amazing thing happened the first time she served it ... nothing. Everyone loved it and hadn'...
  •   Dirty Mashed Potatoes
    Dirty Mashed Potatoes
    Stop all that peeling and throwing away the delicious fiber-filled skins! Wash and cut up, boil and mash 'em in to the pot. It gives an ole fahsioned 'dirty' look that's warm and ap-peel-ing, Mashed potatoes never tasted so good....
  •   Broccoli Crunch
    Broccoli Crunch
    Here's a fabulous side dish that's perfect for holidays or any evening meal.
  •   Cran Orange Relish
    Cran Orange Relish
    Did you know that cranberry sauce has 110 calories in 1/4 cup? Yikes! Our delicious 3-ingredient Cran-Orange Relish has only 25 calories per quarter cup and is so good you'll be gobbling it up this Thanksgiving!...
  •   Boston Market Creamed Spinach
    Boston Market Creamed Spinach
    COMPARE ours to the Boston Market version. Theirs: 260 calories and 21g fat for one side dish! 
  •   Apple Cider Cupcakes
    Apple Cider Cupcakes
    What a sweet, light ending to a perfect autumn day. 
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