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Here's what's cookin' in Kim's kitchen this week ...
  •   Stuffed Jack O Lantern Sandwiches
    Stuffed Jack O Lantern Sandwiches
    Forget how darn cute these are, they taste amazing and you can use any lean protein or light cheese!
  •   Apple Caramel Pizza
    Apple Caramel Pizza
    This looks sinful, but it's a little slice of heaven. A crumb toppoing piled on top of cinnamon sugared apples and drizzled with home-made buttery caramel sauce....
  •   Light Caramel Sauce
    Light Caramel Sauce
    Use as a fruit dip. Jazz up your ice cream or yogurt. Drizzle on pancakes and waffles. This buttery caramel sauce rocks!
  •   Apple Coffee Cake
    Apple Coffee Cake
    Make breakfast, brunch, and snack time special with a warm, homemade coffee cake!
  •   Baked-in-an-Apple Pie
    Baked-in-an-Apple Pie
    These little treats are so darned cute! The fact that they are individual servings makes them easy to control and they have fewer calroies than a slice of apple pie....
  •   Cauliflower Mac & Cheese
    Cauliflower Mac & Cheese
    The comfort and flavor of your favorite creamy dish without all the fat and calories. YUM!
  •   Turkey Mac & Cheese
    Turkey Mac & Cheese
    A light and quick meal-in-a-bowl that everyone in the family will love!
  •   Eyeball Casserole
    Eyeball Casserole
    A fun, yummy, and simple Halloween dinner
  •   Mummy Fingers
    Mummy Fingers
      Creeeeepy bread sticks that can be made sweet or savory. Kids love 'em AND you can make them savory or sweet!
  •   Mummy Face Pizzas
    Mummy Face Pizzas
    Easy, festive, light, delicious. What more could you ask for?
  •   S'not So Scary Halloween Punch
    S'not So Scary Halloween Punch
    You'll understand the name once you try this recipe...if you dare.
  •   Apple Cheddar Soup
    Apple Cheddar Soup
    Warm up with this light yet creamy soup.
  •   McDonalds Hot Apple Pie
    McDonalds Hot Apple Pie
    Another of Kim's delicious knock-off recipes. The original: 250 calories, 13g fat per serving!
  •   Apple Pie Cookies
    Apple Pie Cookies
    The crunch of a cookie with the taste of Autumn. Simply delicious.
  •   Apple Cider Cupcakes
    Apple Cider Cupcakes
    What a sweet, light ending to a perfect autumn day. 
  •   Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese
    Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese
    Comfort food at it's best ... and take comfort in the fact that this recipe doesn't break the calorie bank! A dish everyone in the family will enjoy.
  •   Fiesta Mac & Cheese
    Fiesta Mac & Cheese
    What's better than Mac n' Cheese? MORE Mac n' Cheese! And by adding some low density veggies and salsa, you can have more for less. That's the way we like it. Uh-huh!
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