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 One-Day-At-A-Time Necklace
Jewelry that supports healthy behavior
$ 8.95

In each black velvet pouch you get 31 faux pearl beads and a 30" stainless steel ball chain necklace. 

Focus on ONE DAY at a time. Once you plan and follow your plan for one day, add a pearl to your necklace. Continue until you have a solid month under your belt. This promotes consistency ... a much needed element to a successful weight loss program!

This necklace isn't meant to measure pounds lost (though it could), it's really meant to emphasize the value of each and every day OP (On Program). Sometimes we don't realize how precious "just one day" is. We are so quick to say, "I'll start again tomorrow." If we think of each day like a precious gem, a pearl, and if we string those days together, before we know it we have the beautiful pearl necklace we've always wanted.

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