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Dottie (username: dottieh) has been on a diet since she was 12 years old. You can imagine how many diets she has been on! From prescription diet pills in her teens "when it was legal" to Medifast, Jenny Craig, NutriSystem, Weight Watchers, and all the fad diets in between. At 5'5" (she told most diet programs she was 5'6" so her goal weight would be higher) and 346 pounds, Dottie turned to Gastric Bypass Surgery which she had in 2005. She was told by her doctor that she would most likely lose 60% of the amount she was overweight ... and she did. Then her doctor told her, "The grace period is over, the rest is up to diet and exercise."

So, for 7 years, Dottie once again turned to her old diets. And once again she was met with frustration. "The scale didn't move and I couldn't seem to change. I was beginning to think this was just the way it was going to be." Then Dottie saw an article in the Waterbury Republican about a member the newspaper referred to as Dynamic Diva – our own Marilyn. She had lost almost 100 pounds! The article pointed Dottie to the Kim Bensen Weight Loss Center. She signed up on March 1st.

Dottie comes at least once a week to meetings, sitting right up front. She has delved into the program (following Options) completely by planning daily and trying recipes at home. She has even involved family members. Her granddaughter, Madison, joined several weeks later. They come to most meetings together, and Madison is now well on her way to reaching her own weight loss goals! And Dottie's daughter Patty from New Jersey (pattynj) is on board and finding success as well. They often attend the same meetings and Dottie and Madison wave hello online from the Center to their aunt/daughter in NJ. Dottie is not only changing her own life, but is setting the example of perseverance and good health to many she loves.

Dottie's Journey Bracelet means a great deal to her. She loves adding charms as her pounds drop off. She also packs and prepares EVERYTHING she eats each day. Married for 47 years, Dottie's 'forever goal' has been to shop in a 'real store.' "One," she says, "where it doesn't matter if there is a plus size department or not."

Dottie celebrated her "forever goal" in November of 2012. In total she's lost 155 pounds and is now a coach and staff member at The Kim Bensen Weight Loss Center.

Dottie couldn't be happier ... and neither could we.


Come on ... it's YOUR turn now!