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I am the poster child for yo-yo dieting. (I am changing that from now on to was!) I earned life time status at Weight Watchers sometime in the mid 1980’s but I never really got the gist of how to maintain. I gained all the weight back — and then some — by the mid 1990’s. Then, in December of 1999, I reached my goal weight again ... but once more gained it all back.

I have an old journal from January 1st 2007 that I wrote “This is the absolute last time I want to have to make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight.” By January 18th I stopped journaling — which means I stopped trying. The next entry was May 8th, 2007. It reads “Yes, that’s right it has been four months since my last entry and I’m still as heavy as ever.” As you can see, weight loss has always been an issue for me. Somehow I managed to keep myself from being more than 45 pounds overweight. As soon I was nearing the 50 pound mark I would panic and follow whatever fad diet was "in" at the time.

I rely heavily on food during times of stress and had several life altering issues hit me in a two year period. In November of 2008, my husband passed away. I was at an all time low in spirits and all time high in weight. My sister Wendy, who is my life line, rallied around me like a mother hen. She continually found projects and events that we could do together to help ease my pain.

In December of 2009, Wendy dragged me to a book signing of some weight loss guru in the town right next to ours. That's when I met Kim Bensen. Kim told the story of how she began her weight loss journey at the same time her father passed away. I took this as a message from up above. If she could do it, then by golly so could I. I began attending her weekly meetings, watching Kim online, trying out new recipes and planning like I've never planned before, all the while hearing Kim’s voice saying, “You can do it”. The rest, as they say, is history. Maintenance is for LIFE.

UPDATE: Pat has now maintained her 50 pound weight loss for more than three years! Way to go, Pat!! She now works with Kim at the Weight Loss Center, helping others who are working on their own journeys. Pat and her sister, Wendy (see other Success Story), have started our Maintenance Group, leading meetings and cheering on the maintenance group. Their motto: It's not just about getting there ... it's about STAYING there!


Come on ... it's YOUR turn now!