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Eileen's mother often said that her daughter's struggle with food began when she was weaned off of breast milk and started drinking whole milk. That's pretty young! She didn’t even walk until she was two years old due to her pudginess! It seemed as if Eileen was born to be overweight. Her foundation was set, and it didn’t bode well for her weight issues.

But Eileen didn’t just take it lying down (at least after she could walk). She fought hard, though the results were often discouraging. She yo-yoed through diet after diet. Weight Watchers, a staple in the ear, bargaining with God -- and most of all, exercise. Eileen was no slouch. She committed herself to physical fitness and even completed a two-day, 200 mile bike race from Seattle to Portland! Eileen and her supportive husband, Terry, loved the out-of-doors. Clearly, she was fit. But she always seemed to gain weight even through all of the exercise. Eileen says, “I was rewarding myself with food for all the hard work I had done. How very ironic!” Ironic indeed, though entirely relatable.

There were times, at the bottom of the yo-yo, that the work seemed to be paying off. At her 10 year high school reunion, Eileen was rewarded with the “One Who Changed the Most” superlative due to the 30 pounds she had lost since graduating. It was moments like these that reminded Eileen of why she kept fighting. It felt good to be thin! But the constant battling was taking its wear on her. Sunday night became “cry yourself to sleep night.” All the anxiety and stress she felt from each failed attempt to lose weight and keep it off poured out in a stream of tears. “I’ll do much better this week,” she would promise, only to fall off track by noon the next day. She was in need of a change, not only in her diet, but in her entire outlook on food. The “diet” mentality had to go.

Then Eileen found and began to tear down her shaky food foundation and build a strong, new one with a changed mindset. Eileen began following Kim’s Options® program, called in for extra 1-1 support, even stayed up to the wee hours of the morning to join in live online meetings from Thailand! With the support of other like-minded members, tips from Kim, and a determined mentality, Eileen's didn't just diet, she was working on a deeper level of change. Week after week, month after month she stuck with it ... and lost over 43 pounds! G-O-A-L!

Because she shed those pounds, Eileen now has more energy to keep up with her 11 nieces and nephews and to travel the world with her wonderful husband. (Their last trip was to Southeast Asia where she stayed up until the wee hours of the morning to join a live online meeting!) She participates in Zumba®, Aquarobics, spinning, and yoga -- and even swims competitively in Masters Swim Meets in Arizona. Did we mention Eileen is 62 years old? Incredible journey. Incredible woman!



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