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You wouldn't know it to look at her now, but growing up Cindy was a chubby child. Like many parents, her dad loved to treat her with sweets. Her struggle continued through high school and into adulthood. She tried many diets to control her weight, including Weight Watchers® where she lost 25 pounds right before her wedding. But she found them again!

Life had other struggles for Cindy. Her husband passed away, leaving her to raise their two young daughters. Instead of giving up, Cindy only worked harder. She went back to school at night. It took her three years part time, but Cindy did it! She got her degree as a Registered Dietician. Her battle with weight may be one of the reasons Cindy chose that career path, but even learning the medical information didn't change her behavior. The yo-yo continued.

Cindy was blessed to find love twice in her life. She eventually remarried. Weight struggles continued, but just like Cindy didn't give up on life, she also didn't give up on her health. She found Kim leading weight loss meetings in 2011 and started her "last diet". Her final journey had begun.

Pre-planning became her world. "It works!" she shares. "It helps me organize my day and get together my shopping list. I try to go to the grocery store only once a week. All my main dishes are planned and I'm ready to go."

Organized by nature, Cindy detailed every bite she ate. She weighed and measured. The weight started coming off. The more she focused, the more success she had. Ten, twenty-five, thirty and, finally, Cindy had reached her GOAL! [above: Cindy at goal]

If you think Cindy's achievement is amazing, you ain't heard nothing yet. Cindy has maintained her loss for more than a year! How does she do it? This story should give you a clue ...

One recent Saturday morning Cindy and hubby Joe were heading out to do some errands. Cindy mentioned that she needed to go to WalMart to get a new battery for her food scale so that she could make lunch. Joe asked, "Can't it wait a few days? We're not going that way." "NO!" Cindy answered. "I feel lost without it. I need it to cook."

Wow! Forcing yourself to stick to a meal plan is one thing. But THAT'S a true lifestyle change.

Oh ... want some statistics on Cindy? She's only 5'2" and at her highest weight she tipped the scales at 178 pounds. She's lost more than fifty pounds and has maintained her weight loss with only a 2 pound variance. She still attends meetings every week and in her sweet, quiet way, remains consistently 5-6 pounds below goal.

This success story is long over-due. Way to go Cindy!


Come on ... it's YOUR turn now!