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Like most of us, Norma was a successful “dieter.” Over her lifetime, she’d lost hundreds of pounds, but always found them again … 70lbs here, 100lbs there. She just couldn’t escape the yo-yo!

In 2008, Norma reached an all-time high of 336.5 pounds. Other than being on blood-pressure medication, there seemed to be no immediate threat (though we all know that being overweight is bad for our health). What really bothered Norma, though, was the amount of things she was physically unable to do. She didn’t let others around her know how much it bothered her – simply playing it off like she just didn’t want to do certain things. But in reality, she just wasn’t capable, due to her obesity.

The main source of inspiration for Norma to finally make a serious change in her life came from her grandson, Eli. Riddled with a variety of food allergies, Eli’s perception of food was shaped at a very young age. His mother would often have to tell him, “No, Eli. You can’t eat that.” Eli took it all in stride. When told he couldn’t eat something, his response was always, “Ok, Mom.” Norma wanted that mentality! If such a young child could grasp the concept that food isn’t everything, why couldn’t she?

In 2009 Norma tried the South Beach diet. She lost 70lbs, but gained 50 back. Then came Weight Watchers. In one of her support meetings a fellow member showed her Kim’s book, Finally Thin. Intrigued, Norma bought a copy of the book herself. Inspired, she decided to become an online member at – She weighed 246.6 pounds.

Norma eventually came to realize that she was "blessed" with a slow metabolism. This time Norma didn't let that stop her. Using Kim’s Options© program, Norma cut down on her carbs and made up for those lost calories with more protein. She joined a gym and dedicated herself to exercise. Progress was slow (averaging less than a pound a week), but she stuck to it through the tough times with online support from her fellow “Kimmies.”

Her original goal was to get down to 200 pounds, but Kim pushed her to make it 175. That sounded a little extreme to Norma, but once she hit 200, she found that she still wanted to lose. From her high of 336.5 pounds to where she is today, Norma has lost 161.5 pounds! But the real change occurred between 246-175lbs. It was in that period of weight-loss that Norma’s perspective on food changed, and the “diet” mentality left her mind all together.

Today, the possibilities are limitless for Norma. She’s climbing mountains (with her son in Colorado), enjoying shopping for clothes (even sporting capris! You go girl!), enjoying the pool in the summer – she’s even eliminated the need for blood pressure medication. Woo!

Norma couldn’t have done it alone. Her most important source of support came from her husband. Norma says, “He's always been thin, and he has never once in all my fat years complained to me about my weight. Since I started this program, he eats what I eat and has lost a few pounds in the process. I try to get some extra calories in him so he won't lose too much!”

“Thank you, Kim Bensen and friends, for being there for me and helping me reach my goal! Thank you, Eli, for being a wonderful uncomplaining grandson. And thank you, God, for helping me each step of the way. I may be a loser – but I'm a winner too! And all of YOU can do it, too! Make it a priority in your life and set your goals to make it happen. Your journey will be different than mine – but it can have the same results. You can make it to your goal!”

Amen, Norma! Amen.


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