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Sandra has struggled with her weight since she was 11 years old. Her mom was very conscious of weight issues, but it backfired for Sandra who started in a downward (or should we say upward) spiral for the rest of her life.

Her highest weight was 215 pounds! But Sandra worked hard to get down to 195 where she managed for about 30 years. She continued fighting up and down when, in 2010, she got a copy of Finally Thin. She read the book and became a consistent member of the Kimmies, attending meetings online and working hard at her weight loss. Her username: Fantasia. Then, in September of 2011, Sandra reached her goal weight of 149 lbs! And today, more than a year later, she's now 143 lbs — six pounds below goal! Whoo hoo!

Congratulations Sandra! Way to go!!!


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