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Married for 30 years, Nevada native (that's also her user name), Jamie, says she didn't always have a weight problem, but she felt like she did. Her curvy figure seemed oversized as she compared herself to 'stick-thin cheerleaders' and others around her. She soon joined Weight Watchers® and has been a member almost ever since.

Over the years Jamie continued gaining and losing and joining and quitting — creeping up the scale until she was living with 25 pounds she just couldn't get rid of. And she felt awful.

Jamie was tired, disgusted, and frustrated. She began getting headaches triggered from chocolate and sugar. She felt miserable. Tired of 'playing around' with her weight, she decided 2012 was going to be her year! A member of, Jamie shares two things that gave her the push she needed to change her life. One was a bootcamp meeting with team leader Pam who mentioned that she drank a gallon of water a day to help her get to goal (Pam lost 150 lbs). The other was a meeting where Kim said, "Weight loss doesn't have to be slow." That little comment really opened her eyes, and she decided to just DO IT!

A baker at heart, Jamie found the recipes on the website to be a huge part of her journey. Whey Low sugar was another big help. "There's no after-taste at all!" she marvels. Jamie continued her baking, but with fewer calories. It was a win-win situation. "I've always loved people with food and enjoy cooking for others. I still do, but now I cook healthy! I love the recipes on the site – they're delicious!" Her headaches disappeared ... and the weight started coming off!

Finally, in November of 2012, Jamie reached her goal, following Kim's Options® plan. As far as her membership to is concerned, she's quick to exclaim, "Who would have thought that my support would come from clear across the country!"

Congrats Jamie!


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