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Mary Ann’s love affair with food began at the age of seven. Seven! She began to indulge herself in food because of the gratification it gave her. She loved it for the taste. That love for flavor soon became a crutch for comfort. She would binge to reduce any stress or anxiety she might have been feeling, but soon the remedy for her stress became the cause of it.

Her weight began to climb, and with it, her confidence declined. Mary Ann states, “I became miserable. I isolated myself, felt low self-esteem, and wore dark colored clothes hoping it would make me look thinner. Didn’t work!”

Thus began the years of dieting. Mary Ann started a new diet every Monday, and fell off the wagon every Tuesday. She could barely yo-yo! The cycle of starting new diets and quickly quitting them continued for years, and it always ended with Mary Ann falling into the old habit of excessive eating.

Her weight soon soared to 350lbs.

Mary Ann had reached her lowest point. She was afraid of the numbers yet to come … 400lbs… 500lbs… she couldn’t let that happen. She thought she had found a renewed commitment to weight-loss when she once again joined Weight Watchers© for what was likely the twentieth time. “It worked for a while,” Mary Ann said, “but I always returned to food that triggered me off into a binge.”

Eventually, weight-related health issues began to rear their heads -- the worst being a very painful knee condition that made walking difficult. A total knee replacement was necessary, but her surgeon would not perform the operation because of her weight. Mary Ann didn’t want to spend the rest of her life in pain, and eventually, she found Kim.


Kim notes: “I remember the first time Mary Ann walked into my Center. She used a cane, moved slowly and requested a special chair. I hurt for how she must feel physically … and emotionally.”

Mary Ann committed herself to weekly meetings, though walking was difficult. Something clicked this time. She was determined, and felt that with the help of God, she would be able to do whatever it took. She did everything Kim told her to do: she pre-planned her meals, weighed and measured her portions, and used the tools and motivation given by Kim in the weekly meetings.


Just like speed of everything else in her life, the pounds came off slowly, too. But something was changing. “The bad habit of overeating turned into a good, strong habit of healthy living.” This lead to what Mary Ann calls a “miracle...”

Pound by pound it came — a weight loss of 170lbs!

Kim: “I’ve never seen anyone happier to reach goal! Giddy even. She was pinching herself. That long-awaited day had finally arrived.”

Mary Ann’s joy is complete. “You’ll no longer see me in dark clothes -- bring out the bright colors! Size 24 pants, now size 14. You can all accomplish this as well. It’s really a change in your mindset. It’s developing tools that you need and believing in yourself that you will finish the journey of getting to your goal. Thanks to God, Kim, my dear friend, Bonnie (pictured left) and all those who have helped me get there. Hang in there. As Kim says, ‘It’s YOUR turn now!’”


Come on ... it's YOUR turn now!