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Jan has been overweight as long as she can remember. As an active young girl and teenager, she was able to keep it somewhat in check, burning many calories in sports and activities. 

But despite all the calories that she burned, Jan still was able to eat more and she 

eventually was diagnosed with type two diabetes and high blood pressure which gave her trouble with both of her pregnancies. And whenever life's stresses got great, Jan turned to her old friend, food. Her eating was compulsive and grew into an addiciton that she never thought she'd be able to overcome. But that didn't mean she didn't try ...

She tried all the weight loss clinics and diet pills in her earlier years. Tabloid diets, Weight Watchers® and calorie counting. Her parents tried everything they could think of, too, to help her. But she reached the two hundreds early in life and stayed there. Her love for sports never waned and Jan even got her PE degree and spent most of her adult live as a teacher. "I was great in sports, but never hit that home run. I just wasn't fast enough to get around the bases in time!"

Miserable and frustrated with how she looked and felt, Jan evenutally joined She came to online meetings, but didn't participate. She was motivated enough to find some success, but still struggled. But Jan didn't give up. In the summer of 2013 Jan had had enough. She was tired of listening and not following through, of agreeing in her head with what was said, but not acting on it. And Jan did something she hadn't done before — she got involved. 

"One thing I learned which is profound to me is that the friendships you make online are real. Real people. Real issues. Real support. I decided to make myself get over this 'I don't know these people' attitude and I finally figured out that just because you don't see them face to face doesn't mean they aren't really there. Their personalities come through. Their friendships become important."

Jan called in for 1-1's and even reached out to other members through email and phone calls. For her, the support made all the difference. When she had a struggle, she posted about it. When she had a victory, she chatted her success. And those little touches throughout the day gave her the boost and courage she needed to make better choices.

And today, 73 pounds lighter and weighing less than she did in grammar school and junior high, Jan is ready to reach out a hand to those who come along behind her. Well done, Jan! You look maaaavelous!

Oh, did we mention that Jan's medications have been greatly reduced? Now, THAT'S a grand slam!

Favorite product: Whey Low Sugar
Favorite meeting tip: Diet like it's your job.
Favorite verse: Phil 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength."


Come on ... it's YOUR turn now!