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Petite Donna Patron didn't feel very petite. Even a few extra pounds feels miserable on a five foot tall frame, and Donna had more than a few additional pounds ... she was 75+ pounds overweight! She felt uncomfortable, frustrated and longed for a healthy body. But after years of struggles and yo-yo dieting, being thin seemed like the unattainable dream.

Here is her story…

I first noticed I was overweight in my teen years. That's when I entered the world of dieting. I tried them all: Atkins, Nutri-System® and Weight Watchers®. Always successful for a time. Always gained back what I had lost. 

I started following WW and lost 27 lbs. I plateaued for a number of months and in, I believe, April 2012 (you can check my start date) I joined Kim's, switched to Options and have been following ever since. 

I didn't have an ''aha moment'.' I just decided I was tired of being overweight. I had no confidence, had low self esteem, lots of negative self talk. Did not like what I saw in the mirror and decided it was time to make myself a priority because no one was going to do it for me. The funny thing is, if you ask people they'll say I've always been a happy, optimistic, upbeat, positive person. Inside I didn't feel that way.

Once I started Options® I found the control I needed to stay focused. I PREplanned every day. I weighed and measured. The more accurate I was, the more motivated I became.

In between meetings I loved having access to Kim's archived meetings (I watched them all the time for constant motivation).

I am blessed to have a hugely supportive family as well -- my husband, John; son, John; my parents and brother and sister. They were wonderful. And I love the many friends I've made who also supported me at the Center. 

I like traveling, tag sales and flea markets, cooking, reading and going to movies. Now I count exercise as one of the things I enjoy, too!

I feel so blessed! Now I can honestly say I FEEL like the happy, confident person I've always appeared to be!

• Preplan
• Set small goals
• Focus on one day at a time
• Drink lots of water 

• Kim's flatbread (very versatile) and bagels
• Egg Beaters
Kim's Turkey Mac n' Cheese
Shrimp Jambalaya
Taco Salad
Shepard's Pie 



Come on ... it's YOUR turn now!