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When you first meet Elaine, you get the impression that she's been thin her entire life. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

"I was short," Elaine explains, "too short for the weight I was carrying." Chubby as a young girl, Elaine "thinned out" a little in high school. She tried it all from TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly), Atkins and myriad fad diets. "But then I'd head to Shelton Pizza," she says with a grin. 

Elaine and her husband Art met at a wedding more than 50 years ago and the rest was history. Today they are blessed with two daughters, one son, and eight grandchildren! But throughout her life, her weight was still a frustration. In speaking with her doctor about her weight during one visit and talking about the leftover food in the house her doctor told her, "Elaine, that's why we have garbage cans."

Over the years Elaine yo-yoed from a few pounds overweight to weighing 150 pounds — technically morbidly obese for her five foot stature. But she doesn't use her height as an excuse.

When she listened to Kim speak at a local event, Elaine knew she was ready. And even though her calories eventually dipped to only 800 (yikes!) Elaine says she was always totally 'satisfied' with her food throughout her whole weight loss journey. PREplanning made all the difference and she became an avid meal plan guru. "I like my glass of wine and even at my lowest calories I was able to fit it in. Planning ahead enabled me to do that."

Part of the enjoyment level came from trying different products and recipes. Buddying up with friend Cathy and her daughter Wendy made the whole experience even more fun and rewarding.

Elaine has been at goal for a year now and her weight has remained constant. Congratulations Elaine! You look amazing. 



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