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In January of 2011, Pam joined the online membership at She had almost 150 pounds to lose. But that was then. Here's her story ...

One of my earliest memories, around kindergarten, is my mother taking me to the doctor and being put on a 1000 calorie diet. Through the years I have counted calories, carbohydrates, and Weight Watcher points. I’ve drank shakes, popped pills, juiced anything that wasn’t nailed down, and starved myself.

Life was excruciating pain – physically and mentally.  At over 300 pounds, I had arthritis, back pain, sleep apnea, fertility issues, and my feet hurt all the time. I became a nasty person that hated how I looked and felt. Because of that I lost so many relationships along the way. Time with my kids was spent watching TV and falling asleep or eating. Our big “weekend thing” revolved around what new restaurant to go visit and eat. Oh, we loved to just eat.

Something had to give.

I was receiving Kim’s emails for about a year before I got the one on January 13, 2011 talking about the new program called Xchanges. I thought about it and agonized if I should invest more time, energy, and money into yet another program. I did and I’m SO glad!

From that first online meeting that night I knew this time was different.  Xchanges taught me a new way – sitting down and PREplanning - EVERY SINGLE BITE that goes into my mouth AHEAD of time. This difference is my golden key to a new life! It made me realize food was fuel to get me through the day, not a friend or an enemy.  It transformed my relationship not only with food, but with the demons that controlled my eating for years.  150 pounds in a year and a half GONE!  I’ve lost the equivalent of a whole person – an angry, negative person - and I’m left with a vibrant, positive person that I’m still getting to know. My jeans have gone from size 26 to size 8! I am in clothing sizes I haven’t seen EVER, and I have energy through the roof. I am now EAGER to DO THINGS! Our “weekend thing” is now a whole list of activities that includes hiking, biking, walking, museums, theme parks, going to the beach, concerts, GOING and DOING things ... and of course ... buying new clothes!


Come on ... it's YOUR turn now!