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Amy lives in Africa and first contacted Kim in May of 2014 asking about a membership. That was the beginning of her journey. Instead of a traditional weight loss story, we thought it would be interesting for you to see snippets of her emails as her journey progressed.

June 7, 2014
"Hello Kim. As you requested I write and account to you every night before bed, here are things I did today. I followed the food plan I mapped out for myself yesterday with the help of the facebook page you directed me to try which was of great help to me in counting and summing up my calories intake. (Kim researched and found Amy an African calorie counting facebook page to help her out.) I had a cup of lipton tea, and I stir in a table spoonful of skimmed milk, a medium sized grape fruit and a whole boiled egg for my breakfast. For lunch I boiled half cup of white rice (brown rice is not common here and very expensive at the super stores). I steamed medium bunch of pumpkin leaf and added onions, red pepper, 1 large tomato, seasoning and a dash of salt to go with the rice. I think it all summed up to 510 calories. For dinner, I ate boiled chicken leg (skinned) 290 calories and a medium sized apple, 70 calories. I drank 3 litres of water for the day."

June 21, 2014
"I did a little excercise today and I trecked for about 8 minutes. It's slow though, but I intend to go steady till I'll be able to reach my 30 minutes workout goal. I followed my diet plan, infact I love staying a little below it. Today, I took bitterleaf and saintleaf extract, added a glass of water. We believed here that the mixture removes waste and toxins from the body. Please I will like to know if there is an online chatting section, where i can join a discussion group that doesn't involve video because of my phone. I want to meet people that had been there and those that are on it and listen to how they are working on it. I just needed a group where I will be encouraged and get assistance on how to achieve my goal. Thank Kim, you are a life saver."

July 5, 2014
"Hello Kim. How is the relocation going? I hope fine. My spirit opens up to you, I found out that I can freely relate with you. I feel comfortable with the kimmies too. They are lovely people. I thank God for bringing you and the kimmies into my life. Am still OP and giving it my best. ... I have 14 year old boy triplets and another little boy. They are my pillar, always by my side and encouraging me. Regards. Amy."

August 8, 2014
"Hello Kim. I got your wonderful book sent by kind hearted and thouhgtful kimmie sister Eileen. The book is sooooooo helpful and  educating. I could not put it down and have been reading some pages, over and over again. Am so glad to have it. God bless Eileen for her thoughfulness and concern and God bless you for putting it all down in black and white to help us."

December 6, 2014
"Hello Kim, quite an age! How is the new centre going? I believe God is in control. Thanks for your care and assistance in my life concerning my weightloss journey, God will repay you in Jesus name and bless you more. Amen. Am still focused and have lost more than 60lbs, you can view my pictures on my page to confirm it. All thanks to your wonderful guidiance, information, advice and encouragement. I have saved enough money and have just bought myself a tablet pc that can enable me join online meetings and watch your achive records. Compliments of the season!"

January 7, 2015
From our private facebook page: "Hello Kimmies, I believe we all are having a happy new year. Am glad I joined this group, because it has turned my life around. I was in a mess, weighing over 200kg before I met Kim in May. Thank God today, I have lost 38kg, about 83.4lbs from May to Dec 2014 and still losing. I've got my confidence back and can trek without pains. Am happier and healthier. My life now has a meaning. Thanks Kim, for showing me the way."

February 2, 2015
I checked my weight today after 3 weeks and am down 8.4lbs. I give God praise. My knees no longer hurt and i have increased my morning treking to cover up to 2 miles at a stretch and a mile at night because am always tired after the days work. I can now climb stairs without panting so much. But i still pant and i do relax and thank God for the 10 minutes climb. I am going to stay OP all through this February. I love the changes in me and will give it my all to continue seeing more. Thanks for your daily motivational e-mails, they always give me the right kick to stay on track. God bless you!

June 1, 2015
Hello Kim, Guess what! It's been a whole year with you, yea. A whole life changing year with you. Thanks Kim for bringing out the best in me and making me a better person.

My 1 year weightloss journey anniversary with you and am down 129 lbs! All thanks to you for your help. Keep on helping, do not relent. God will keep on blessing you and your family and staff, more and more in Jesus Name, amen! I have posted my before and after pix on my facebook and on Kimmie's facebook page. Thanks again. Love you loads.

Amaka's 1 Year Before & After Photo ... WOW!!!

Amy, You reached out to the unknown and took a giant step of faith. You persevered despite language and measuring barriers. And now look at you! Congratulations dear friend. We are all so very proud of you!




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