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Rosi. You can almost picture this delicate, sweet woman just by her name. Don't get me wrong, Rosi is a figher, as her story will prove ...

The day Rosi first came to our Center, she was very quiet, almost broken. You could have missed her if you weren't looking. She signed up; we went over the program; she went on her way. Nothing really unusual.

But I think all my staff members will remember the day of her first weigh in. I wasn't at the scale but a concerned Alyssa came to get me in my office. "There's a new member who just weighed in. She's crying ... but she lost weight!"

"Something's up." I thought. Maybe she had a bad day or is going through something traumatic. "I'll see if she wants to chat for a minute." I said. Rosi was waiting for me and followed me into my office. She began her story ...

Rosi came from a family who, like many, enjoy their food. But, being half Italian and half Spanish, their food was part of the culture, tied into their memories and homeland, part of who they are. And eating a lot of it was important. Not just that they ate it ... but that everyone did!

Rosi first started gaining weight in grammar school. She was 60 pounds overweight by junior high and climbed from there to well over 100 pounds overweight! The pain inside was only matched by her physical pain. Her first knee replacement was in college. She finished her degree in dental hygiene and went on to marry her sweetheart, Tom. Rosi was too embarrassed to go to a bridal shop so her mother, a talented seamstress, made her gown. 

Food was Rosi's comfort and friend, but diets were also a big part of her life. She lost weight on medical fasts, Weight Watchers® and carb-free diets, but never got near goal and always regained all her weight and more.

Rosi wanted to be a mother more than anything, but doctors sited her obesity as a barrier to conception. During one of her weight losses, Rosi was able to conceive her daughter, Nicole. With motherhood and work her life was busier than ever and a tired Rosi remained morbidly obese for years. 

With her 50th birthday less than two years away, Rosi decided to rejoin a Weight Watchers. She needed her other knee replaced and doctors wouldn't do it until she reached goal. Highly motivated, Rosi really stuck to it. I mean REALLY. She weighed. She measured. She tracked. She went to meetings. Rosi was a star member and was losing big time. Finally she had this thing under control! 

But then the weigh losses slowed down to a crawl, and eventually stopped. Nothing! Nothing she did made it budge. She was so on track, super accurate. She patiently waited for the "plateau" to end. She went weeks without one slip up. The weeks turned to months. Nothing. Discouragement built and her motivation wained. Doctors couldn't find anything wrong. Everyone just kept telling her to follow the program more accurately. 

That was when Rosi came to us. She was so tired of fighting and working and not losing. 

The day of her first weigh-in, after following her program for a week, Rosi lost more than 6 pounds. She was in shock and couldn't stop the tears. She couldn't speak. She had searched and searched and found the answer. ALL calories mattered -- especially as she got closer to goal. She knew she could do this now.

Rosi's is a story of perseverance. How many of us would give up after months of perfect dieting?

During that first meeting in my office I asked her if she had been physically hungry during the week, Rosi looked almost surprised. "No! Not at all! I don't feel like I ate any less, but I did eat differently. Once I was done with my points for the day, if I felt like eating more, I used to grab an apple or banana or carrots. I just never counted their calories before!"

In Rosi's case, the added, unaccounted portions of fruits and vegetables from the diet she was following was keeping her at maintenance rather than weight loss (about a 500 calorie difference per day). By counting all the calories she was eating, including her "free foods", Rosi started losing.

Rejuveinated and remotivated, Rosi followed Options® with a vengance. Eight months after joining, Rosi reached her weight loss goal! GONE are the 111 pounds that have plagued her for so long. In their place is a more confident, healthy Rosi, ready to take on maintenance with the same fighting spirit she's always had deep inside.

Well done Rosi! We're so proud of you!

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