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Libby sure sounds like a Georgia peach on the phone (that southern accent is a dead give-away), but for years she felt far from peachy about herself. She started her weight loss story by saying, "I was born chubby. Even at birth I weighed more than my three brothers when they were born. I always felt like the biggest person in the room."

You may not think a country gal who gets plenty of exercise, eats clean and grows her own vegetables would have a weight problem. But along with farm-fresh food came all the, well, farm-fresh food. Libby cooked just like her mom did and that meant a pantry full of biscuits, gravy, cakes, and pies. Despite her love for a good workout, Libby found she couldn't out-run her calories.



She tried everything to lose her weight from Jenny Craig to Nutri-System to Weight Watchers. And lose she did -- the same pounds over and over again. However, permanent change seemed illusive to Libby. 

When asked what made the difference this time, Libby answered, "I knew I could do it. I was determined."

That determination paid off in pounds. Libby still ate clean, but measured out how much she was eating. She cut back on restaurant visits, counted all her calories and made sure she followed her Options code. It worked! Libby went from a size 20 to a size 10! Not only did this pay off for Libby, but also for her husband Gary, who is down 30 pounds as well!

Libby's advice to others ... "Don't give up! You're never too old to lose. It's never too late to reach your weight loss goal!"

Great advice Libby. What an example!



Come on ... it's YOUR turn now!