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Not always do we have a member who jumps in and completely embraces the program in mind as well as body, but Holly did. Here's her story in her own words ...
I remember using food as a comfort as a young child, but I can pinpoint 14 as the age when compulsive eating started. I hid it very well for years and was able to keep my weight down with the binge/starve life style.
I lost some weight for my wedding, but it wasn't a huge problem then. I was able to lose my baby weight pretty quickly after I had my children, as well. Then, in 1991, I had an emergency hysterectomy. The next morning my doctor told me that I would gain weight now.
With a smug comment I told him, "Watch me!" That year I gained fifty pounds. I was devastated! That is when the real battle began.
My diet history includes joining Weight Watchers®, LA Weight Loss®, and Atkins®. Goal weight was met on all of these programs, but I never maintained my losses.

My husband, Larry, supported me completely and loved me whatever size I was. I am blessed. But he knew how much getting the weight off meant. He has been my encourager through every diet, every pound lost and every pound re-gained.
January 2015 started out as every January in my adult life...lose weight....start diet again! But I had lost my interest or strength to try again. I was too tired. I was very depressed. I was very close to just
giving up completely. I was at my highest weight ever. 
One last flicker of hope was to ask my friend, Susan (username: grammyscraps), what was she doing to lose over 100 pounds. 
She told me all about Kim Bensen and her Options® program. I was not interested in another program, but I told her I would think about it.

But the Lord had other plans for me to get my attention. I ended up in the hospital with a severe gallbladder attack which required surgery. I was in the hospital for four days which gave me plenty of time to read Kim's book, Finally Thin. I made the decision before I left the hospital that I would join as soon as I got home.
March 1, 2015 I called the center and talked to Kim personally. She helped me pre-plan my liquid/soft diet that I was on post surgery. The weight initially started coming off quickly from the jello diet, but as I slowly added foods back in and started following Options® the weight steadily came off week after week.
I had hope again.

I follow Options® daily because it's easier to make wise decisions with my food choices. I would eat carbs all day if I could! Now I am eating a well-balanced diet; I live a moderate lifestyle. I never thought this would happen!

I looked at this as my last chance to get this weight off, to get my life back and to get healthy. I had been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and acid reflux. I hurt all the time and was constantly out of breath.
Not any more. Today I am free of all of that. I can play with my grandkids. I walk briskly, daily, and I feel alive again!

The greatest lesson I have learned is that this is for the rest of my life -- and it's a good life. The journey doesn't end when you reach goal. Pre-planning is a habit. Now that I don't have a weight loss goal, I've made maintaining the healthy behaviors I've learned my new goal.  
I look forward to the daily meetings on the site as well as Adam's daily podcasts at They do just that: keep me focused and encouraged.
Words cannot express how thankful I am to Susan for pointing the way to; to Kim herself, for taking the time to pre-plan with me and
encourage me all the way; to Adam for his honesty and encouragement; to PamK who has helped me so much with my journey and her words of wisdom through Sunday Night Boot Camp; and to all the "Kimmmies" I have met along the way who have been cheering me on. 
But most importantly I want to thank the Lord who saw fit to give me yet another chance to get this weight
off and, this time, keep it off.



Come on ... it's YOUR turn now!