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Where to begin? I’ve been overweight all my life. From Kindergarten on the largest kid in the room was always me. Always the last one chosen for the teams in gym class, never playing on a teeter-totter since no one else came close to balancing with me. In our home growing up, food was an expression of love. Whenever anyone stopped by, Mom put the tea kettle on and made sure everyone had something to eat. If you left our house hungry it was your own fault since everyone was expected to eat. . We grew up on a farm and had our own beef and dairy cows, which meant full fat milk, real cream, real butter and lard. With a few hours notice my mother could turn out dozens of rolls, pies, donuts, cookies, etc. for a bake sale.

Shopping for clothes was awful. When Sears Roebuck introduced a “chubby” children’s section, my Mom was delighted. I learned my way around a sewing machine early on by making alterations in women’s clothes to fit a short fat teenager. At my highest weight, it was tough finding 5X locally, so I did mail order and then the internet to find clothes that would fit. It’s only been in the last couple of years that I started shopping in the petite section of “regular” stores instead of the plus size stores.

I tried most everything to lose weight: diet pills, Diet Workshop, Atkins, TOPS, Optifast, Weight Watchers, etc. Every plan worked for a while, then I’d get discouraged and give up. I gained and lost hundreds of pounds over the last 50 years. When I started Weight Watchers for the last time, I vowed to never give up.

To make a long story short, after losing a lot of weight, I hit a wall. That’s when I got serious with Kim Bensen’s Options® and found my guardian angel. Kim’s meetings kept me going when nothing else worked. I finally got up enough nerve to call the center. As I look back, it was the missing piece in my journey. Both Kim and Adam have walked the walk and know exactly where you’re coming from. They listen and offer words of wisdom and encouragement which are very motivating. They are excellent cheerleaders when you need a boost.

I’m now officially half my largest size. The journey will never be over. This is just one more pit stop in an ongoing saga. Through it all, my wonderful husband Skip has supported me through “thick and thin.” He married me when I was 300 pounds ... and can now finally reach all the way around in a hug!

Leah's success was not lost on her sister, Janet. After watching Leah get to goal, Janet joined. They came to online meetings "together" and shared their struggles and successes. To see Janet's success story CLICK HERE.


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