weight loss motivation, tools, and support  

Yes, it CAN be done.
No extreme dieting.
Just consistency. 

Laura met her childhood sweetheart, Kevin, when she was just 16 years old. He was 15 and needed Laura to give him a ride. They fell in love and have now been married for 36 years. Back then there was no battle with weight, no calorie counting, no worrying about what clothes would fit. Back then there was just life ... at one size. Laura didn't struggle with her weight until after her children were born.

Fast forward a few years and you'll find a very different Laura. Dealing with Type 2 diabetes, void of energy, and wearing sizes 24-26. Laura was on Metformin, blood pressure meds and dealing with blurry vision. 

She had tried everything from Weight Watchers to fad diets. She had starved. She had binged. And now she was facing serious health issues and bleak a future. With three adorable grandchildren, two wonderful sons, and an amazingly supportive husband, she had everything to live for. Yet, ater years of losing weight (she once lost 125 lbs!) only to regain it again, Laura was still nearly 200 lbs overweight.

When Laura's vision started to blurr and her doctor told her that her sugars were out of control, she knew it was time to get serious.

What happened next could be called a miracle. Laura lost 190 pounds over the next year and a half without pills, surgery or extreme dieting. She just did it. She made up her mind and stuck with her decision. That switch had been turned on. Laura was finally in control.

In the past Laura had to drive 30 minutes to get to a support meeting. After joining she could participate from home. She tuned in several times a week to live meetings. It was convenient. She connected with others in the group. And even drove with Kevin to CT from MI to meet her new-found friends.

Laura perfered a simple meal plan. Breakfast was always the same: eggs and toast with spray butter. She had a lunch of nuts, fruit and vegetables. Dinner was a smaller portion of what her husband was having. Laura completely cut out sweets and desserts. For her, a small amount would be a trigger. She'd rather be safe and have none. Sound like a tough decision? That's what weight loss is. One decision after another. Laura had made hers and once she was on a roll, she never looked back. 

From a 24 to a size 4! From poor health to a bundle of energy. Today Laura looks back and doesn't regret one lost piece of pie. 

Dieting is hard. Being fat is hard. Choose your hard.


Come on ... it's YOUR turn now!