weight loss motivation, tools, and support  

I'm 81. I started dieting when I was 15. Do the math ... 66 years of up and down on the scale. Like many others I think I've lost hundreds of pounds over the years.


Following the births of each of my six children I would always go into full diet mode. And I tried them all. I think when my children bury me they will make sure I have a paper and pen with me so I can keep making my meal plans!


I did TOPS when we lived in Minnesotta which was the first time in my life I officially hit goal. After moving to Seattle, WA, maintenance became a struggle for me. But I didn't want to gain it all back again!


It was then that I read Kim's book, Finally Thin, which brought me to her website.  


There are many things I can't eat now, so finding a good program was a challenge fo me. Kim's Options® was a perfect fit. It help the most in eating well-balanced and it was flexible enough to fit my needs. 


Accepting the fact that this is a forever lifestyle for me was hardest thing to do. Maintaining is as hard (or harder) than losing. I can't believe I'm saying that after 66 years of dieting. Now I'm maintaining. So cool!


With Kim's motivational online meetings I can get the support and encouragement I need right from home. I know that I have to just  "do it" every day.  Do the plan no matter what.


So I do. 




Come on ... it's YOUR turn now!