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When local member, Ron, first came to my Center one June morning, I'm ashamed to say I honestly wondered how he would do. His wife did most of the cooking and shopping (though I learned later he enjoyed cooking -- spicy cooking!). Would she be willing to "lighten up"? Was he computer savvy? He was so sweet. So quiet. He seemed interested, but was he in it for the long-haul?

Boy was I wrong!

Ron wasn't a "5-lb-a-week" loser, but he sure was consistent. He came faithfully every Friday morning at 7:30 am to our meetings. He sampled. He participated. In six months he reached his goal. 


And he kept coming! 

Everyone in the Friday morning meeting fell in love with Ron. We enjoyed his dry sense of humor, subtle wisdom, and deep chuckle. He was the quiet rock. Patient. Kind. Infectious. His daughter, LoriSue, rejoined and came with him. Father-daughter time getting healthy together! But even when no one else was there, Ron was.

One time in a meeting I suggested evening activities to keep our minds and hands occuppied (other than with food). I mentioned scrapbooking, journaling, reading, or crocheting. The next week Ron brought me a beautiful wooden plaque carved with my before and after logo. "This is my 'crocheting'," he said with a smile. "I go out in my workshop in the evening and carve wood to keep busy. I made this for you."

In December, right after achieving his goal weight, Ron's wife Sue joined. What Ron lacked in volume, Sue made up for! She was skeptical. She was impatient. She was brutally honest. She was lovely. The perfect yin for his yang. 

He was there, as always, two Fridays ago and handed me his before and after photos with a grin. And in both photos, the cowboy hat and boots he loved. Perfect. I couldn't wait to start working on his success story. Three days later LoriSue stopped in to the Center. She didn't want us to hear about Ron's passing in the paper. It came out of nowhere ... while he was working in the yard. Busy, quiet, steadfast to the end.

Ron sent others our way. He didn't even have to talk about it; his success spurred people on -- not just to join -- not just to talk about it -- but to DO it. 

So here's your success story, Ron. And if I never said it before ... well done. You will be missed.



Come on ... it's YOUR turn now!