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When you look at Jamie, you'd never know she has a son old enough to be in the Air Force. But then again, you'd never know she's lost 100 pounds either!

Jamie struggled for years with her weight, yo-yoing up and down like everyone else. But Jamie's swings were larger than most. "I'd lose 50 and gain 60. Lose 60 and gain 70!"

When she was at her highest, her daughter was having a bake sale for St. Jude's hospital. "I think I ate as much as I baked! I was totally out of control and felt disgusted with myself. That was my breaking point."

She joined Weight Watchers and started following the old POINTS program. One more time she got to goal, but started gaining it all back. The pattern was the same. But a member had come to her Weight Watchers meeting with a sample of Kim's Light Bagels ... back then only one point! It was the suggested Halloween treat. Jamie started looking for the bagels and read the story on the bag. That brought her to a book signing at a local Borders store where she met Kim. Little did she know that one day she'd be working with her!

When Kim started doing meetings, Jamie signed up and came every week. Jamie started losing.

And losing.

And losing.

And now the familiar pattern has been broken. Today, Jamie has lost 100 pounds exactly and has kept it off for nearly three years! She was one of the first to join Kim's staff and loves weighing members in and helping keep them motivated. We're so proud of you Jamie! Thanks for giving back.


Come on ... it's YOUR turn now!