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When Sue moved from London, England (yes, she does have a delightful British accent) she was a teenager, actively involved in soccer and quite trim. But the move meant more than a new country, it meant a less active lifestyle and more fast food locations. Within a year Sue tipped the scales at an alarming 190 lbs – a lot for her petite 4'11" frame.

Over the years Sue gained and lost weight, like many of us. She tried all the traditional diet programs, naturopathic approaches and the no-carb crazes. She fell in love. Married hubby, Rich. Still, she struggled. Her scale saw all the extremes – from dangerous weight losses – at only 90 pounds Sue was borderline anorexic — to a 50 pound weight gain during the pregnancy with her son, Jared. In the end, Sue was "tired of life" and hated how she felt.

Earlier this year, Sue decided to join a popular weight loss program and called her BFF, Donna, to share the news. Donna's response, "You dummy! I told you to try Kim's Xchanges®! That's how I lost my weight!" And so, Sue did. She told us she'd been heavy for "donkeys years" (a long time) and she was "cheesed off" (annoyed) with her weight.

Sue not only had the support of her friends and family, she had extra support from 10 year old Jared. He not only helped her create tasty treats that were light, he also joined Sue for our Walk for Diabetes fundraiser this past August. Since starting Xchanages® seven months ago, Sue has lost more than 40 pounds. Not only that, she's in size 4 jeans! If you don't believe it, just ask her friend Donna who noticed the 6's were baggy and convinced her to try them on.

"It's different this time," Sue says. "This is the first time I did something that wasn't just a diet. It was more work ... but easier. Does that make sense?"

It makes total sense Sue! Keep up the awesome work in the Maintenance Group. By the way, we think you're cracking (the best)!


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