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My weight loss story is a little different. I didn’t have a LOT of weight to lose in some peoples' eyes, but it didn’t make it any less frustrating. I have lost and gained back 20-30 pounds many times in the last 30 years. Also, being petite, about 5'1", even ten pounds extra would show on me – and weight loss was a constant battle.

Growing up I was always thin – 89 pounds in high school and 95 pounds when I got married at the age of 21. After the birth of my second child, however, the extra pounds just wouldn’t budge. I joined Weight Watchers and reached my goal of 105 pounds, but the weight crept up again. Next I tried TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly), but again gained it back. The yo-yo dieting continued. I tried all the diet gimmicks and supplements to burn “fat”. What a total waste of money!

At age 40, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and early menopause. When I started taking three pills daily for my thyroid I believed I would never get to my goal weight. My lack of belief gave me a lack of effort — my exercise was walking on the treadmill 40 minutes a day, but I read as I walked and never broke a sweat.

I read Kim’s book Finally Thin! a few years ago and was inspired by her courage in her own weight loss journey. I continued to try to lose the weight “on my own” without a program or support group.

It is so frustrating to lose and gain back 20-30 pounds so many times! I had a closet full of clothes, but they spanned 5 size ranges — from 4-12. I had all but given up on ever fitting into the smaller sizes. Then came what they call a "final straw moment." This past April, I went to Kohl’s in search of a pair of badly needed jeans. I tried on 10’s and 12’s and still didn’t feel comfortable. Refusing to buy a 14, I left Kohl’s and headed down Bridgeport Avenue. Then I saw Kim’s Weight Loss Center sign. I decided to stop by and see what they had to offer. Kim was there and met with me one-on-one. That was the beginning.

We decided that the Xchanges Program would work best for me. I got only 1,000 calories because of my size! Kim was so encouraging and supportive and went over ways I could get more food for fewer calories. With renewed determination, I was on my way. I started reading Finally Thin! again. If Kim could lose over 200 pounds and keep it off for over ten years, I could do it, too.

Kim’s key to success is PRE-PLANNING which I had never done before ... and it works! Each night I would write down everything I would eat the next day, filling in the Xchange boxes for my code. The next day, I just ate what I had planned. My casual treadmill “read” became an hour of fast walking, running, and SWEATING A LOT — there was no way I could read while exercising any more! With pre-planning, daily exercise, weekly meetings, the informative web-site, and support from Kim and her wonderful, caring staff, the scale started moving.

I was determined. There were no magic pills, no gimmicks. It was PRE-PLANNING and making CONSCIENTIOUS, HEALTHY food choices. Hard work, but easier than struggling with my weight! Throughout my journey to goal, I did not have one week that I gained. I lost 18 pounds in just 7 weeks! I was finally at the top of my goal. But I kept coming to meetings. Over the next five weeks I lost another 6 pounds. As of this posting, 4 months after hitting goal, I am 109 pounds, 6 pounds UNDER my original goal — the one I thought I'd never see again.

Being on maintenance has been a whole new experience. With their guidance I have been adding more calories to find what the exact caloric amount is right for me now. I still attend meetings and continue learn so much from everyone at the Center – it is invaluable!

My outlook is bright. I have more energy than ever! My doctor has even cut my daily thyroid medication down to 2 pills instead of 3, which means a healthier me! When friends saw the success I was having, they started Kim’s program and now THEY are having success as well!

Thanks, Kim (and staff) for all you have done to make weight loss do-able and for inspiring so many to BELIEVE they can do it, too!


Come on ... it's YOUR turn now!