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I have been on many diets from high school on – Weight Watchers, Diet Center, the Baked Potato and Atkins, to name a few. Though I have always been active with sports - swimming, soccer, and working out, my weight fluctuated, and I have never been slim. The last time I got to my highest weight it was a very stressful time in my life, I was not working out, and I was just eating to suppress my feelings.

My weight loss journey for the last time started in 2006--about a year before my 20-year high school reunion. At 260 lbs, I was at my highest weight ever. I looked and felt awful and there was no way I was going to my high school reunion looking like that! By cutting out all junk food and working with a trainer, I managed to lose 65 pounds. I felt good enough to go to my reunion, but knew I wanted to lose more. So for the next year and a half I fluctuated between the same 20 pounds.

Then in August 2009, I started going to Kim’s meetings and learned how many calories I should be eating. It was amazing how much less I really needed. I counted Weight Watcher Points, but stayed with Kim as my motivation and support. I was determined to lose weight and committed to coming every week to get weighed in, whether I wanted to or not. Seeing the scale go down was my motivation to keep on going, however, sometimes it was the gains that helped get me back on program to remind me to stay focused. I watched everything I was eating and tried new recipes and started cooking/baking light. I continued working out a lot and the rest of the weight came off, but not without trying.

I found out that I really loved running. My first 5k race was the Commodore Hull Thanksgiving Day Race in 2009 – I finished in 32 minutes 30 seconds and I was so excited. I got to my goal weight of 150 lbs. in June of 2010 and ran my first ½ marathon 2 weeks later. I ran in the Thanksgiving Day race again in 2010 and cut my time by 7 minutes (running it in 25 minutes 17 seconds). I am currently training for another ½ marathon and a Triathon. I just wanted to say “Thank You” to my friends and family - they were a great support in getting me to my goals! The support I was given was a huge part of my success.


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